Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming soon.. or maybe in several months...or maybe in several years

Well here we go. One of my goals for 2008 was to create my own blog. Look at me go. I wasn't quite ready to do this yet but my BFF (ha) sat down and started playing and next thing I know I have a blog with no computer at home to download anything. Maybe this will be my incentive to get more tech savvy. So, of course, that could take a while. Hopefully there will be some pictures up soon of some of my cards that I make so you will actually have something to look at. I love to glean and share ideas about my scrapbooking passion. I have come to find out that scrapbookers are the easiest people to get to know because everyone loves to share ideas and learn more about their hobby. Well tah tah for now. Bare with me as I try to figure out how all of this works.

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Lit'l Bits and Pieces said...

Another attempt to comment on your blog. I hope your blog is more successful than my attempts to comment on it.