Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrate With Cupcakes!

This is another direct to paper technique card and I stamped the cupcake in the center instead of the truck.  Added the sentiment to this one since I knew it was going to be a birthday card....duh and voila...another card for my stash.  The picture isn't the clearest  but it's the best I could get.  Enjoy your day and have a cupcake or two along the way!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Decisions! Decisions!

Not sure what kind of card this is going to end up being, so for now I am just going to leave it blank.  I always have a hard time coming up with manly cards and I was playing around with the direct to paper technique and thought this truck would look cool on here.  So for now I'm just going to leave it blank and will decide if it's going to be a birthday, thank you, get well or just because card when the need arises.  On the direct to paper technique you just simply directly apply your ink pad to the paper.....duh!  Hence the name direct to  Extremely simple and very fast card and now I have a man card ready to go...whoop whoop.  Enjoy your weekend.  I am going to Dublin, Texas to the 120th Dr Pepper Anniversary.  First let me say that I am a Coca Cola addict and I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get any there...sniff sniff  It will be something different to do though and should be pretty cool. Not weather wise of as in fun.  Should be close to 100 degrees so not looking forward to that at all. They go all out and are having lots of activities.  They even change the city limit signs to read Dr. Pepper, Texas for this that's pretty sweet.  We should get to take a tour of the plant and can't wait to visit the gift shop I bet they have a bunch of old timey stuff in there.  Anyway if I survive the heat it should be fun.  I may have to smuggle in a coke but we will see.  Happy Weekend! I thought it would never get here!

Daily Ponderings:  If life gives you lemmons, squeeze the juice into a water gun and squirt other people in the eyes.  Definitely something to ponder right???? lol

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Flowers

More of the same but with different background paper.  The flowers were cut out of background paper and glued onto a piece of scrap plaid that I had.  I stuck a glitter heart in the center of each flower to add dimension and a little something extra.  The sentiment was stamped onto the plaid paper and bam you are done again.  Almost have a group together to send to my friend.  I need a few more but am getting there.

Daily Ponderings:  Though he (just man or Christian) fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand.  Psalm 37:24

Proverbs 24:16 says that when a just man falleth he riseth up again.....hey that is great news right?  Being a Christian does not make you perfect, so we are going to fail at times.  The great news is though,  that the Lord is there to pick us back up.  He is holding us up with His hand.  We can't do it alone for sure and we need His help.  Thank God He is there for us no matter how many times we fall and no matter how many times we fail.  He will always be there to pick us back up, dust us off and put us back on our feet so that we can start anew.  What an awesome God we serve to never give up on us.  Thank you Lord, for always picking me back up and giving me another chance to do it right the next time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrappy Birthday!

I used leftover scraps to complete these two cards.  I stamped the flowers on the yellow checked paper.  I also stamped the sentiment after I had adhered everthing down.  Then I ran the whole card through my Cuttlebug machine to emboss.  Very simple and very bright and cheery and I used up some scraps.....can't beat that right?

Friday, June 3, 2011

More Of The Same

Same as the card I posted before I just used different flower stamp and sentiment.  Very simple and very quick.  I love those kind. 

Daily Ponderings:  So I have to tell on myself.  I'm always in a hurry and I do everything in super fast mode.  You will never see me "meandering".  As usual I was in a hurry this morning but decided to stop at McDonalds for some unhealthy breakfast.  I was coming one way towards the drive thru and this lady was coming another and we reached the point about the same time.  Now I could have easily beat her and jumped in front of her but I didn't.  I stopped and "did the right thing" and let her go first.  Unfortunately the whole time I was behind her I was mumbling.  "Ok lady now I let you go first so hurry up."  Then she paid for her order and got her food and I saw her keep talking to the worker and so now she is delaying me right?  So I'm mumbling again..."Oh come on lady good grief."  So then I see her hand the lady some more money and so I'm thinking to myself she just placed another order...."GREAT!"  ...but then she drove off and never got any more food.  So I hurry up to the window and the lady says" that lady in front of you just paid for yours" and immediately I felt 1 inch high and I had to stop and apologize to God and ask for forgiveness for my attitude and grumblings.  Boy did I feel like an ungrateful heel.  So I caught up with her and thanked her via sign language through the car window....but boy oh boy did God speak to me first thing this morning.  Wow!  So the moral to this story is not only do the right thing but do the right thing with the right attitude.  It means more and that's the way Jesus would do it! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fast Get Well Soon

I stamped the frame first then I added the flower and then the sentiment last.  Voila........done!  I am trying to get several cards made up to send to my friend that moved to Chicago.  She is 87 and used to love giving my cards out, so I thought I would surprise her with a set.  As you can see this was very simple. 

Daily Ponderings:  "Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out." ~ ??~