Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kudos to Matt

Ok, so did you here the one about the gal who walked into a bar and started to drink because she started a blog without a clue on how to do so? Well, I came close to learning how to drink over this one. I have been tormenting myself on how to fix my header and just couldn't get the text to work. I have discovered (I hope) that it is because I don't have the correct software. At least that sounds better than saying I'm just a complete idiot when it comes to computers. Well anyway, I finally broke down and asked a guru named Matt for help. Sad thing is he shot it back to me in about 2 minutes completed and ready to go. For those of you out there who are computer whizzes my hat's off to you and I envy you greatly. So the goal still remains and I will conquer I promise you that. Hopefully I will do so without having to become inebriated. Ha that's funny. So pictures are next and hopefully coming in a week or two. Great big thanks to Matt for saving my sanity.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Told ya so

Wow, I'm trying really really hard to get this blog up and running. I told you this might take a while. I have been computer shopping and for someone that is not a whiz this is not fun for me. I have also been playing with my header to try to move my text and can't figure that out either. What in the heck was I thinking trying to start a blog in the first place, much less without the proper equipment? Oh well, I have great confidence that I will conquer and become an efficient blogger soon, complete with downloaded pictures and everything. Of course I may be on crazy medication by then but regardless, I will have conquered. I am sure of it because I am just stubborn enough to not let it beat me. Hang with me as I figure all of this out and please keep checking back to see my progress.