Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kudos to Matt

Ok, so did you here the one about the gal who walked into a bar and started to drink because she started a blog without a clue on how to do so? Well, I came close to learning how to drink over this one. I have been tormenting myself on how to fix my header and just couldn't get the text to work. I have discovered (I hope) that it is because I don't have the correct software. At least that sounds better than saying I'm just a complete idiot when it comes to computers. Well anyway, I finally broke down and asked a guru named Matt for help. Sad thing is he shot it back to me in about 2 minutes completed and ready to go. For those of you out there who are computer whizzes my hat's off to you and I envy you greatly. So the goal still remains and I will conquer I promise you that. Hopefully I will do so without having to become inebriated. Ha that's funny. So pictures are next and hopefully coming in a week or two. Great big thanks to Matt for saving my sanity.

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