Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Birthday Couple!

Ok so here's a funny story! Here is Bo and Tanya! Their birthdays are like 4 days apart. I'm mean Pullleeese give a poor gal a break! Ok so this was actually to celebrate Bo's birthday and what he is holding up is the gift I bought him. It is a bicycle chain and a bike license plate . So here's the funny story. I have asked Bo for about 3 years if he would fix my bike chain and of course he has no recollection of any of this. According to him nobody has ever mentioned a bike chain to him. So this is the drama that we have been going through for quite some time so, of course, I have to bring it up every chance I get so for his birthday I got him a bicycle chain for my bike so he would fix it.......ha ha hee hee belly laugh. Ok so maybe you have to know all of our weird senses of humor or maybe you just had to be there but it was funny I'm tellin' ya. So maybe, just maybe I'll get my bike fixed so I can get my large white asterick on it and lose some weight that I have steadily put on. I must have gotten a memo in my sleep one night about the world going to quit making sweets or something cuz I have been going crazy like a spider monkey jacked up on mountain dew. It's crazy....but I am going to stop and start eating better....ok? Do you hear me? I am! I swear! Soon! I'm going to start soon! No really! I am! Really guys!

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Tanya said...

Well, Bo would never admit it but he LOVES the special cards Sherri makes him. And as his wife, he really is a DORK!

You are very talented my BFF.

I love you,