Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where O Where Have I Been?

Well I went on vacation to Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH and have been hot and lazy ever since I got back. You know Texas summers aren't really that much fun when you are as white and hot natured as me. I mean I sweat just walking to my car in the lie. We had a great time and got to spend time with family and friends. Get best friend moved off in 8th grade and she now lives like 9 miles from my Aunt Marlene. How cool is that? Check out some vacation pics and I will have some cards to post soon I hope.

This is my friend Kyla and her large family. Tom, Kyla, (her mom and dad), Donna, Tommy, Abigail, Thomas, Samuel, and Henry. They were a handful but were sooo much fun. Kyla is a great little mommy. This is her dad's restaurant and it is very very yummy. He had to introduce everyone up there to beef BBQ. They were all used to Pork. Very very good.

Me and the Big Boy at Frisches. So the trip was basically centered around all of the old places that I remembered and loved to eat as a kid. We moved from Cincinnati to Texas when I was in 4th grade. Can't beat a big boy and a vanilla coke. Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm.

Again.....I love to eat as you will notice my size in the pics. This is the famous Cincinnati chili at Skyline. I had a 4 way. Spaghetti, beans, chili, cheese. Of course and a chili cheese coney. OMG AWESOME. Totally AWESOME.

Here is my mom and Aunt Marlene (my Dad's sister) with their bibs on at Skyline.....hee hee It can get very messy but Oh so worth it.

Her is my cousin Steph and her gang. Yes she has 4 kids also. Me, Steph, Dad, Mom, Morgan, Megan, McKenzie, and Matt. OK that might be Megan and then Morgan....I don't know they're twins so who can actually tell? ha I suggested a tatoo of their name on their forehead but it was a no go...LOL

Here are my other cousins Larry, Debbie, Kathy, and me. Uh they're crazy but it was great seeing them. It has been a long long time. We had lots of fun! We laughed and cut up the whole time. Trouble makers is what they are....hee hee
I got to see the Reds play. "Thank you Daddy." I love baseball. We got to see Patrick Henry's Home Makeover Edition House and Band Field. Saw Papa Murphy's big ole house. We toured by our old living places in Amelia, Ohio. We went to the Louisville Slugger museum. We went and ate at Claudia Sanders restaurant. That is the Colonel's wife's place. It was really nice. Of course we ate and ate and ate really really well. It was a very pleasant trip and was great to catch up with family and friends.
Watch for some cards coming soon!

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HiHoRosie said...

I was wondering where you had wandered off to! Great pics! I'm afraid that food would make me sick but sure looks good! LOL! Anyway, welcome back and thanks for sharing your fun memories.