Friday, June 3, 2011

More Of The Same

Same as the card I posted before I just used different flower stamp and sentiment.  Very simple and very quick.  I love those kind. 

Daily Ponderings:  So I have to tell on myself.  I'm always in a hurry and I do everything in super fast mode.  You will never see me "meandering".  As usual I was in a hurry this morning but decided to stop at McDonalds for some unhealthy breakfast.  I was coming one way towards the drive thru and this lady was coming another and we reached the point about the same time.  Now I could have easily beat her and jumped in front of her but I didn't.  I stopped and "did the right thing" and let her go first.  Unfortunately the whole time I was behind her I was mumbling.  "Ok lady now I let you go first so hurry up."  Then she paid for her order and got her food and I saw her keep talking to the worker and so now she is delaying me right?  So I'm mumbling again..."Oh come on lady good grief."  So then I see her hand the lady some more money and so I'm thinking to myself she just placed another order...."GREAT!"  ...but then she drove off and never got any more food.  So I hurry up to the window and the lady says" that lady in front of you just paid for yours" and immediately I felt 1 inch high and I had to stop and apologize to God and ask for forgiveness for my attitude and grumblings.  Boy did I feel like an ungrateful heel.  So I caught up with her and thanked her via sign language through the car window....but boy oh boy did God speak to me first thing this morning.  Wow!  So the moral to this story is not only do the right thing but do the right thing with the right attitude.  It means more and that's the way Jesus would do it! 

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Corinne Gould said...

How do you not have any comments on this post? Absolutely wonderful!! I got teary eyed just reading it. You have helped to remind me to keep a good attitude as well. Lord knows I know how to mumble just like that!! Amen! :) Thanks for sharing!!