Thursday, May 26, 2011

Throwing Out The First Pitch!

Me and my Daddy waiting to go out on the field!  My dad got to throw out the first pitch for the Texas Rangers last year for the last game of the season before they went into the playoffs.  It was so cool and exciting.  He got an official jersey with his name on the back and got to keep the baseball, plus we got two free tickets for the game in the "all you can eat" home run porch.  This was such a thrill for all of us and what a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We have since put the jersey and the tickets in a shadow box.  What a fun day!  Gooooo Rangers!
   Mascot "Rangers Captain", Dad and 3rd base coach Dave Anderson
                    Walking to the pitcher's mound
                        Here's the big windup
                              Ready to release
                       And strike 3...."you're outta there"
This is Dad and Nick aka my Texas Rangers liason.  He is awesome!  He is the one that I made the Oh Boy card for that I posted a couple of days ago. 

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