Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Binkies, Bracelets, & Bows!

What could be sweeter than binkies, bracelets, & bows? I made this card for one my friends that had a boy......needless to say she never got the card. It's a long story but the whole time she was pregnant I thought she was having a girl so I'm out buying cutesy little dresses and obviously making a pink card and then my BFF calls to tell me that our friend had a boy. You can imagine my surprise. The whole time she was pregnant my BFF kept saying that she wanted it to be a little girl and I thought she said it was for sure a little girl...anyway jokes on me. Of course they thought it was hilarious but when I was out at the last minute scrounging around for a boy gift it wasn't too funny. Actually it was. Don't know the company name of the paper but got it at Hobby Lobby. The Baby Shoe stamp is one that one of my friends gave me a long time ago. Anyway next person who has a girl gets the card I guess....LOL

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