Friday, January 9, 2009


OH My Gosh! I keep seeing all of these blogs with pictures of snow everywhere and it is so pretty. Some of you have been getting way too much snow. Let me tell you if we had even half of what some of you have received everything would be shut down here. We just aren't equipped for it. So let me tell you about our winter so far. We did actually see snow flurries once for about 10 minutes and had a little sleet. Right now though it's about 74 degrees. Yep, thing is, tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 36. It's been like a roller coaster ride at six flags. Two weekends in a row we had temps in the middle 70's on Sunday and on Monday the high was 33. A couple of weekends ago I had to go with a friend to Gordon, Texas which is about a 4 hour drive from where I am and when we left it was hot. I was in a short sleeve T-shirt and flip flops. By the time we got there it was 32 and guess what.....yep...I was still in a short sleeve T-shirt and flip flops. Can you say hack hack cough cough? People please....THAT IS GREEN GRASS in the picture I just took right outside my office. Can some of you even imagine that? It's crazy. It's so weird how one part of the country is having blizzards and the other is basking in the sun. Well whatever kind of winter weather you are having I hope you all get through it without any problems.

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