Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let Me Call You Hero

This is a thank you card that I sent to my hero -AKA Bo. The story goes like this. I owned a piece of poo poo Buick Rendevous that was nothing but trouble since I had it. Long story short it was time to get rid of it. So the dreaded car search began. I absolutely hate car shopping and car dealing. It's all a stupid game. Anyway my first choice car was a Honda CR-V but was a little out of my range. So I started looking and Bo (my hero) and Tanya (my BFF) started looking and I test drove cars and looked at just about everything. I kept going back to the Honda - my heart's desire. So finally I asked Bo(my hero) if he thought we could even get close to my range and the negotiations began. On Saturday, Sept 1, 2007 we were at the Honda place wheeling and dealing. Well Bo (my hero) was. I was actually fretting and stewing. So by hour 3 I'm mad, angry, frustrated and tired of playing the game and I'm ready to go. But my calm hero Bo just stuck with them while at the same time had to keep telling me to calm down. I mean they wouldn't even give us an interest rate and then they are wanting us to sign papers. What's up with that? I haven't said I want the car yet. I HATE THE GAME! It's ridiculous. Well we finally make it to the finance guy and we are still over my set limit. AGAIN..I'm ready to walk out and go home and AGAIN my calm hero Bo kept at it and talked them into giving me $500 more for trade in and we got my pmyt in my range. When it was all said and done my car pymt was only $2 more than the Buick. So I go home with my "first choice" car without having to sell my mom and a new hero! Can't beat that. I literally cried all the way home. Way to go BoBo...you're still my hero!!!!!!

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