Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Am I Lucky Or What?

Check this out! Ok so I got a call last Friday from a girl I don't even know but who knows someone I work with. Anyway you know how stampers and scrapbookers are so we talked about everything under the sun and turns out she stamps but is going to school and has no time to use them right now so check this out.....she sent all of her stamps up here to work for me to use. Yep that's right probably over 150 stamps and she just boxed them up and sent them to me to use for a while until she gets time to get back into it. How cool is that? I still have not ever met her except by phone. Wow! So I have laid them all out and will sort them eventually by theme and start playing. I'm still in shock. I mean how crazy is this? How sweet of a person does she have to be to let someone she doesn't even know be in charge of her stamps like that? Of course I'm a little OCD so I will most definitely take extra good care of them but this is AWESOME! So thanks a bunch Lisa and I hope to meet you soon! Aren't stampers and scrapbookers like the easiest people to get to know? Have you discovered that? I'm in stamp heaven right now!