Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Money Holder

outside view

inside view

OK so I have to tell you this story because it is sooo cute. My friend's son Joe (who are like family to me) is graduating from high school this year. Can't believe it. But I have to tell this story on him. When he was 5 he took me out on a date. He bought me a corsage and everything and we even had our picture taken in front of the TV which is where every date couple got their picture taken before they left. Anyway his mom drilled him and drilled him and told him how to be a gentleman and open my door and order for me at the restaurant (sure can't find any of that these days) anyway and her last instructions were "whatever you do Joe DON'T TAKE HER TO MCDONALDS." So with Joe in the backseat (hee hee) and me in the front we are off to dinner so I ask Joe where he wants to go eat and he says "DaDonalds" and I said "Joe don't you want to go to Red Lobster" (which he loved) and he said "no I wanna go to DaDonalds" So this went on with about every restaurant in town and guess where we went? To DaDonalds. His mom couldn't believe it! Then we went to Toys R Us and bought him a bow and arrow which he later got taken away because he was shooting it at his little sister. Oops. Now my little JoeJoe is going to be heading off to college. They grow up fast don't they? He is a wonderful young man with great morals and character and I am so proud of him. Precious memories...O how they linger. I love ya Joe and I wish you the best! Thank you for the best date I've ever had!

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HiHoRosie said...

Aw, what a sweet story! How adorable is that?! And your grad card is the best!