Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Well Soon Trooper

Ok so you're gonna think I'm crazy and the truth is.....I really am! I made this card for Trooper. Who is Trooper you ask? One of my BFF's dogs. Yep that's right I made a card for a dog. CUCKOO! The funnier part is that he goes to the mailbox with her and brings the mail back in his mouth. Yeah. So he gets to bring his own card in from the MB. You can't say mailbox outloud because he goes crazy. Anway he is the calmest lab you will ever see (he's a mama's boy) LOL and he loves going to the mailbox. He had to have a little surgery on his leg and now has an infection in his face. So poor little fella just isn't felling good. When Troop isn't following his mommy around the house you know he doesn't feel good. So I made this card for him from (the even crazier part) my dog Boscoe. The things you do when you live a boring single life. My BFF will think it's funny and her husband will shake his head and say I'm a dork. Deep down he knows who the real dork is....bahhaaaaa

Here is a pic of the whole tag insert. Isn't this like the cutest dog ever? I colored him with Prismacolors.

Here is the spoiled rotten Trooper. Isn't he sweet? I'm telling you he is the ultimate lab. Get better soon Troop!


Tanya said...

Well, first let me say that Trooper has a clean bill of health. We just got back from the vet taking out his stitches and he said his face is healing nicely.
Trooper was so excited on Friday when we went to the mailbox and his cousin Boscoe had sent him a card. His tail wagged all the way to the front door! Thanks Boscoe and BFF.

SmilynStef said...

What an adorable image for a get well card.