Monday, May 5, 2008

Bright and Simple

I was needing something cheery and bright to send to one of our client's who found out she has lung cancer so I started playing around. To do the circles I colored the end of a pencil eraser (unused of course) with a marker and then stamped it on the card. It makes a perfect circle every time. The flower stamp was also colored with markers and then spritzed with water before stamping. You can't see it very much but I scored the card on both sides of the circles to give it more definition.

For the card on the right I did the same thing with the heart stamp and here you can see the scored lines better. This was a medium size pencil. I need to find some larger pencils but I love using a pencil eraser to make circles. It's fun, fast and easy. You'll love it once you try it.
Please add Wanda Roberson to your prayer list as she battles this horrible disease. They have given her about a year.

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HiHoRosie said...

look how coloful! Love it! And I love the simplicity of both of them - the top one is my fave. :)